Winnipeg Gone Rogue NP Pledge

Happy New Year! As the year turns over and we look back on our successes and failures in 2014, it is very difficult for us to keep the smiles off our faces thinking about the incredible Winnipeg Gone Rogue community. It all started in June 2014 with a crazy youtube video and an excited Hall sister who heard about November Project from a friend (a now regular Rogue tribe member) and recognized the potential for this kind of movement in Winnipeg. Katie fired the video over to Tom with the message “you and Rick are leading a workout like this on Wednesday” and thus the free fitness movement was started in YWG…

The first Wednesday was June 4, 2014 which saw eight crazy friends meet at The Forks with nothing but a good workout and good vibes in mind. The workout was hard, but each member of the group went off to work or school that day with a totally new kind of energy. Without realizing it yet, the passion to grow this group and share its energy with the rest of Winnipeg had ignited. With each passing week, as word of mouth and social media presence spread, more and more people joined. Each varied in their reasons for showing up but were united in their goal to become a part of the incredible community that has become known as Winnipeg Gone Rogue. Suddenly, Wednesday mornings were consistently seeing upwards of 50 people. The passion and energy these workouts bring is truly starting to take off and the sky is the limit!

Of course, it all started with this video and the growing movement out of Boston called November Project. NP started with two friends (Brogan and Bojan) pushing each other throughout the month of November and has grown to 16 cities throughout North America. When we started our tribe in Winnipeg, NP was not accepting any new tribes… but that has now changed!

For those who missed the announcement a couple of weeks ago, we have officially been invited to start pledging as an NP tribe! On January 7, 2015, we officially start our pledge. We are super excited to get the process going and can’t wait to bring the November Project energy to our amazing city.

So what exactly does pledging November Project mean to you, our already loyal Rogue tribe members? We simply need to keep our awesome momentum going for the next two months. We need you all to take to every social media outlet you are involved in and to continue spreading the word using the tag #NP_Pledge and talk about how badass your Winnipeg tribe is. Share pictures, share stories, and most of all recruit, recruit, recruit — we are going to need all your help to make it through the cold winter months and keep our numbers strong!

Get further inspired by reading this Runner’s World article and then #justshowup with all your friends, family members, and whoever else you happen to meet and tell about these awesome workouts with the best people the city has to offer. Here are a few other points about how our November Project pledge affects all of you — our loyal tribe members and friends:

  • If/when we are accepted as an official tribe, you will be connected to a growing global movement of people just like all your friends at the Rogue workouts who are meeting each week. If you travel to any of the 16 cities (and growing) where tribes exist, you can visit their workouts and get your ass kicked just like you would with us here in Winnipeg — it’s an incredible community and is only going to grow!
  • Once accepted, we will start tagging the “NOVEMBER PROJECT” logo on all our workout gear, along with a logo representing the Winnipeg tribe. This is completely optional but trust us — you will want in on the badass spray painted logo gear.
  • Your leaders will start giving out a “Positivity Award” to one group member every week who brings his or her “A” game to the Wednesday workout AND also does an incredible job helping to motivate and recruit other tribe members. We will also have another award (badass name TBD — suggestions?) which will be awarded to the most fierce, badass member of the tribe at every workout — and then that person will choose who gets the award at the next workout in a never ending chain of bad-assery.
  • Your Winnipeg tribe will keep building this amazing community we have started by organizing events such as the Christmas party, and other not-necessarily-fitness-but-still-awesome-and-badass events. We will also start to develop and grow by getting involved with local races (maybe organizing a race of our own???) and encouraging our tribe members to set and achieve goals for improving themselves and tackling the next big challenge.

Our commitment to you, Winnipeg, is that we will be running crazy, ridiculous, badass workouts every Wednesday morning from now until forever. All we ask from you is that you just fucking show up, bring all your friends, and make Wednesday the best day of the week for you and the rest of the crazy kids we call our tribe members.

Our goal is to hit 100 people working out with us on a single Wednesday by the time we hit the one year mark — that means that June 3, 2015 is a big day and we will need all your help to get us there!

You are all beautiful people — thanks for making Winnipeg Gone Rogue the best thing that happened to all of us in 2014, and we can’t wait to fucking rock out with all of you and lunge all over our One Great City in 2015!

The Rogue Tribe is Pledging.

Tom, Rick, Katie, Dan, and your Winnipeg Gone Rogue Tribe.

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