#1 New Academic Year’s Resolutions

My experience of studying abroad for the past 9 months hadn’t been a great one. It was colourless and dimensionless.

3 months of summer break in my home country has allowed me to reflect on the reasons for my boring, monotonous university life.I lived in a single room at the university halls.My room was my universe and I barely stepped out of my room during the weekends. Being shy and socially awkward had robbed me of the opportunity to meet the interesting people abound in the vibrant city of London. Besides, I hold back a lot most of the time. I was afraid of voicing out my opinion for fear of being judged by people. I was constantly worried unnecessarily about plethora of things. For example, whether I could submit coursework on time , the grades of my coursework/exams and etc. I am very clear that this is not the life that I want to lead so here’re my 6 new academic year’s resolutions :

  1. Be bold. Remember that mistakes are inevitable for growth.
  2. Read voraciously across all disciplines. Keep a commonplace book.
  3. Write everyday because writing retains what I’ve read and I want to build up my writing skills.
  4. Be useful. Explore,learn and create.Be it a piece of writing or a small engineering project.
  5. Do not overthink!!!
  6. Practice healthy lifestyle. Never skip meals, eat lots of greens and work out.

It is a well-known fact in my faculty that second year is the hardest year of my degree.I hope this new academic year will be a formative one and I can look back next autumn filled with satisfaction.

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