Nonviolence is the only moral solution to the salvation of the human race. It’s what Jesus would do, and did. However, in the words of my mother, “Jesus said to turn the other cheek, but you only have two, and Jesus never said get your ass kicked.” This was her advice to me on how to deal with bullies.
Liberals Should Exercise Their Second Amendment Rights
John DeVore

About this… how exactly did Jesus die, again?

Wasn’t it after enduring hours and hours of torture and getting his ass kicked?

It’s almost like he was literally practicing what he preached.

Because those who believe in their ideologies are willing to martyr themselves for it.

And most people just don’t care that much these days. That’s why hacktivists sit at their computers creating hashtags, but never do anything more.

The losers will always be the ones that care less. Apathy will be the ruin of mankind. Not guns, not politics, not war… Apathy.

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