I’d argue that all films (even bad ones, even ones aimed at children) deserve analysis because what…
Jacob Oller

Ah, but I specified “hefty analysis” meaning that you dug down 10 feet when 3 would have been plenty.

Is there anything blatantly wrong or offensive with the content? Is the moral or subtext troublesome?

Your write up didn’t lead me to believe that was the case. You just found it to be a mediocre rip-off of a movie you attach more (personal) value to.

Mediocrity is not necessarily drivel. It’s not high art either, but it could be aspiring to be high art. It could be an aspirational failure, which in and of itself is a great concept to introduce children to. They will have dreams, and they will fail. It’s okay to fail when you aim high. This film’s existence is a teachable moment for me, and I haven’t even seen it!

Drivel has no aspirations except to make money. Drivel also doesn’t survive word of mouth and early reviews… if it even gets that far.

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