100 Million Strangers Sleeping In Other People’s Homes
John Battelle

Airbnb is a nightmare of a company that’s going to destroy the housing market as we know it.

It hasn’t gone public because there would be stock dumps at every mention of government regulation, which will happen with more and more frequency the bigger they get.

If a “host” can earn in 2 weeks from multiple “guests” what a landlord would get in a month from a single tenants, there won’t be anymore rentals available for traditional living. And the “hosts” will buy more and properties to rent out to more and more “guests”. Until no one that just wants to live in a building will be able to afford to do so.

People hate tobacco companies, and arms manufacturers… there really needs to be more outrage directed at Airbnb since they’re tampering with the entire housing market. It’s incredibly dangerous.