An Urgent Message to Supporters of President Trump

I am not writing to quibble about politics, parties, or individual policy decisions. We are completely free to disagree on those subjects into perpetuity. That’s the beauty of democracy. It’s essentially a system governed by trial and error; a self-correcting apparatus that swings from one side to the other when policies don’t pan out. So let us set all those disagreements aside for the time being. They’re not relevant to this discussion.

I want to talk about President Donald Trump, the man. I understand why you may have voted for him. I get it, Clinton was a bad alternative. You were seduced by a plain-speaking, oddly charming, political outsider shrouded in the trappings of success and saying everything you wanted to hear. I completely understand why you found that appealing, and I don’t hold it against you. In fact, I believe you were voting for that ideal, that description of a candidate, more than you were voting Donald Trump, the man.

I also don’t believe that Trump himself is evil or maleficent. I think he’s. A bit naive and very egotistical.

I believe that Donald Trump himself, and all of you who supported him, were equally conned and lied to by unsavory snakes in the grass. They promised him power beyond his wildest dreams, which he soon learned wasn’t actually the case when the courts shutdown his immigration ban. And he, in turn, promised all of you everything you want, because he genuinely wanted to give it to you, and because it would make you worship and adore him all the more. But his power was a lie, and thus his promises are lies as well.

And the conmen who set all of this in motion? They are the ones consolidating the real power. And they don’t give a shit about you. They used Trump as a face to their misdeeds, so that they could hide in the shadows, and shrug their shoulders when pointed at. “We don’t have any say, President Trump is in charge here.” These are men of such disrepute that they can’t run for office themselves, because you would never lower yourselves so far as to vote for them.

You were all conned. And it’s okay. It’s not appropriate to blame the victim. So I don’t blame you. It’s okay.

But believe me, if the past 46 days are any indication, President Trump will not last the entirety of his 4 year term. This administration will prematurely end in disgrace and scandal. And the sad part, I genuinely mean this, is that Donald Trump, a victim, too proud to concede an inch, will probably suffer the most in the process. I don’t think it is in his character to resign, no matter how terrible things get, and so he could end up being the first U.S. President unwillingly removed from office.

It falls to those of you that even now, still support Trump to realize what is actually happening here. His cabinet, or the small percentage of it that actually exists, is made up of billionaires, many of which have no background in government. They don’t care about you. And, as I alluded to, no appointments have even been made to the vast majority of positions under the Presidents purview, which serves to create dysfunctional, disjointed federal government. There are dozens and dozens of offices, sitting empty through lack of effort, with phones ringing off the hook, and there is nobody there to take the calls. That is not good leadership. That is not bad leadership. It is a distinct lack of leadership. There is none there. I can forgive trying and failing, but doing nothing is much worse in my mind.

The Trump administration is already mired in controversy. There is constant infighting amongst his inner circles. Trump himself has set up the White House as though it were a corporation, provoking high stakes competition amongst his underlings. Am I crazy for believing that the White House, once won, should not be a center for cut throat political jockeying amongst eager and selfish staffers? Shouldn’t it be a well oiled machine, marching in lockstep toward a singular goal? They lack clear communication amongst themselves and others. They lack the unity to fend off attacks from the outside. They lack the moral high ground, and so every “so and so did it too” deflection and dodge is met with a collective groan. And now, the President, the ‘peoples’’ President wants to send Congress on a taxpayer funded wild goose chase for wiretaps that the FBI says never existed. That’s what you all elected, right? A petty, vindictive and wasteful government? That just doesn’t sound right to me.

It’s with that in mind that I have to challenge all of you who support him. Call on him to resign. Tell him that it would be for the best. Tell him that he has your permission. Tell him that you won’t think less of him for it.

He will not be in office for the next campaign, nor will he actually run again. It’s a fair bet based on the latest trickle of news that some inside of the Trump administration should be extremely worried about jail time.

I don’t want to hear any conspiracy theories. I don’t want to hear about the media lying to me. I don’t want to hear about Obama or Clinton.

It’s okay that you fell for an expertly executed con. All that matters now, is knowing that you were victimized, how do you respond to it. Will you encourage your representatives to investigate this administration? Will you voice your displeasure with the way this administration has treated you, lied to you, scammed you?

All that matters now is how you respond.