Introducing Samara
Joe Gebbia

Can AirBnB just volunteer to abide by and even propose legal regulations that it should be governed by instead? Institute a zero tolerance policy for anyone managing more than, say, 3 or 5 properties. Maybe dictate a percentage of the year (4 nights per 6 night week, or 240-ish guest nights per property per calendar year) to prevent the overt entrepreneurial collection of property, and the inherent supply and demand crisis that it presents.

Since AirBnB hosts aren’t actually hoteliers.

That would be the truly altruistic thing to do.

Y’know, since you’re complicit in pricing damn near everyone out of owning property in desirable locations.

If you want to fix the world, shut down your service. It’s bad for everyone in the big picture. And no amount of work you do on the back of it can erase that damage. At best you’re just bailing water out of a boat that YOU poked a hole in!