It’s just sad to see a TV station push so many shows that have liberal themes to brainwash people and have them think that that’s how most of the world thinks (which it doesn’t).
Yes I did look into how they do those ratings and it is quite complicated to understand.
Tony Boehmer

Fuck you with that nonsense.

You may recall that Clinton won the popular vote by a fairly significant margin. THERE ARE MORE LIBERALS THAN CONSERVATIVES IN AMERICA. Oh, and the world thinks we’re idiots too. I’ve been to 13 countries over the past twenty years, and in Ireland, after the election “Who’d you vote for?” was always asked with a giggle.

You know who the world loved? Barack Obama. In France in 2010, they gushed over him.

The only hotbeds of conservatism in the world are as follows… Africa, Russia (now I get it! You want to be like them, so you have no problem with them destroying America! How patriotic!), the Islamic world, India, China, and parts of South/Central America. Everyone else, especially those that matter, are on the liberal train.

And what’s more, conservatives are dying off at a faster rate than they are being replaced.

Our government doesn’t reflect that FACT well, because of how it is built. Based on geographic areas. I dare say that there are more liberals in Los Angeles County and Manhattan Island alone than there are conservatives in all of Wyoming, Montana, both Dakotas, and Alaska!

See, when you have a political system predicated on geographic districts (both for Congressional representation as well as the Electoral College) the fact that liberals live in vastly more populated but much denser areas isn’t accounted for well.

Oh, and the fact that Republicans have been gerrymandering the hell out of their districts for decades to disenfranchise liberal voters. But I digress.


And just like the persecution-complex having conservative you seem to be, you think there’s a conspiracy going on.


The networks aren’t brainwashing anyone anyone, you utter moron. They air shows featuring minorities and gays, and sometimes liberal ideas because people have been demanding that they do it for quite a while now. Oh, and the people watch! Willingly! Happily! If they were on a brainwashing mission, you and yours would be the primary targets because your thinking is backwards and out place in the reality of the world we live in.

This is backed up by the fact that you still think you’re in the majority, which is patently false.

As for the actual ratings comparisons… Modern Family’s 2 share on whatever midweek day it’s on is massively different than Last Man Standing’s 1 share on Friday. That is the percent of that entire demographic (18–49 in this case) that is watching any tv AT THAT TIME. TV viewership drops drastically when comparing Friday night to midweek. As such, the percentages the shares represent are dramatically different. It’s not an apples to apples comparison, and it all has to be looked at in context.

And I say all this as a Midwesterner, born and raised, who has watched every episode of Last Man Standing, and never had any strong feelings about it one way or the other. It was a decent sitcom, especially considering how abysmal most of them are nowadays, but nothing special. Add to that the sins the writers committed over the years, and it has fallen a bit in my opinion in the last 2 seasons. All in all, 6 seasons is a good run, so be it.

IF a cable channel or Netflix or Hulu wants to pick up and continue it, that’s fine too. I don’t have a problem with the show.

My problem is with dumbasses like you who cry persecution over every little thing while believing that racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ-ism, and anti-intellectualism are perfectly acceptable. They’re not! Those are examples of real persecution! Having a sitcom cancelled is not.

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