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Gee… Here I thought that a larger sample size of diverse opinions would lead to a better experience as a consumer.

So, you’re admitting that what you do isn’t out of any sort of service to your readers? You have no interest in helping people or making their lives better?

You just want their traffic.

No wonder the internet sucks so much. It has pretty much destroyed legitimate journalism.

And as for everybody having become tech experts… what qualifications do most tech experts have anyway? A title at a company? You sound like the type of person who would say everyone with a blog is a journalist when, in fact, they are not trained or educated in that particular field.

The difference with reviews is that perspective matters. Regular people giving real world reviews of products is actually very informative if that person’s lifestyle mirrors one’s own. So it’s not only perfectly acceptable to be flooded with “amateur” reviews, it’s actually better for everyone.

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