That number not only seems dubious but doesn’t actually appear on the site in any prominent place I…
Edward Bauman

I added 6 numbers from that site together.

It’s not dubious or irrelevant. The article I responded to called good guys with guns a myth. Here is a boatload of evidence proving that statement false.

It has nothing to do with suicides or homicides, although it is possible that some homicides could have been prevented by a certain amount of these actions. Can’t prove a negative though.

I addressed 1 topic, and you’re worried about 3 different ones. I’m sorry, but I’m tired. This thing has blown up today, and I genuinely enjoy having civil discussions with people who think differently than me. It’s the only way any solutions will ever be had.

But I’m not clicking your links, and I won’t be responding in more detail because my mind is just exhausted.

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