Sometimes they hold extra buttons, which seems generous and convenient, if perhaps and advance admission of guilt that the buttons fall off easily.
Why Are There So Many Tags In The Left Seam Of My Shirts?
Silvia Killingsworth

I can only speak for men’s apparel here, but the tradition of including spare buttons goes back quite a long way, and I don’t think it says anything about the quality of the stitching. Buttons can pop off for any numbers of reasons… your dog jumps upon you, you get snagged on a table or railing, years and years of repeated use, a frustrated sexy-time partner is too impatient…

They include the spares just to ensure that you have one that MATCHES perfectly, should you ever need it.

Think of it this way, on a blouse or a man’s oxford, if the buttons were poorly attached, what good would one or two spares do when there’s upwards of 5 on the shirt? Surely they don’t expect you to find them 80+% of the time if they fall off.

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