“Freaks and Geeks” Had the Most Successful Cast and Crew of Any TV Show Ever
Jonathon Norcross

I’m just saying this to be “that guy” but given the propensity that these high profiles talents have for working with each other, it’s just as plausible that their collective success is the result of Hollywood friendship and favoritism at its worst. It’s the step-sibling of nepotism.

Now, I appreciate these peoples’ individual talents. I believe that they deserve the success they have. I believe that Seth Rogen is one of the hardest working stoners on earth.

But you know what else I believe? There are millions of hard workers out there that deserve success in their chosen field. They just don’t have the luxury of such a well-connected network of other successful people to benefit from.

Nor did they have a big breakout that afforded them the recognition, connections, and money to go on furthering their careers. They’re still toiling in obscurity.

The Freaks and Geeks cast in essence, are lottery winners (not to take away their hard work). They’re just the smart ones that used their earnings to further themselves rather than spending it all and ending up bankrupt a few years later. So good for them, I applaud their efforts.

But let’s not believe that millions of others couldn’t replicate their success given those circumstances.

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