I presume you understand that this is an opinion piece?
Stephen Gannon

“I’m right you’re wrong brigade.”


Anyway, my objection is not with an opinion piece.

“…Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 10, is the worst.”

“…it sucks the hardest.”

“It is the opposite of joy, it is vile…”

Those aren’t phrases I’ve heard in many legitimate criticisms or opinion pieces. And if those aren’t enough evidence to merit me expressing my own opinion, then let’s continue.

“For everyone, iOS 10 sucks.” This is a categorically false statement of fact and it is not representative of an opinion. That’s what my issue is. We live in a world where opinions are allowed to masquerade as fact, and that is dangerous. One person on the internet can dictate that something millions of people use and enjoy is terrible for everyone. It’s not true. It’s hyperbole and it accomplishes nothing except for presenting the possibility of leading someone uninformed astray and perpetuating misinformation.

Editorials, or opinion pieces, used to always be clearly marked as such, because they were printed next to real, fact-based journalism. Now it’s a free for all. Journalists editorialize all the time, and opinion-havers present their opinions as facts all the time. There is no clear demarcation. And again, it’s dangerous. Maybe not this particular piece specifically, but in principle.

And that is of course, my opinion.

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