Umm… wasn’t Apple unequivocal about not using a stylus until they released the Apple Pen.
Farhan Ahmed

It’s called Pencil, no reason not to use the trademarked nomenclature if you’re going to try to take subtle jabs…

But no, you’re actually wrong. They were never going to make touchscreen devices reliant on stylus input. Pencil is 100% optional. I don’t know if you ever used any old school touchscreen devices… they’re not entirely different than the cheapest credit card payment terminals with that squishy layer on top instead of glass. Try to sign your name on one of those without a stylus or fingernail as stylus by proxy.

It’s basically impossible. Those older devices needed styli because of the screen technology. Then Apple unleashed multitouch on the world, and suddenly everything was different.

The Pencil enhances the things you can do with your fingers — greater control, greater precision, greater detail, etc. — but there is nothing the system can’t do without a Pencil. It is an optional extra for those who desire the “greaters” I just described.

That’s the difference. Apple, or specifically Steve Jobs, wouldn’t make a touchscreen device that relied on a stylus. They still haven’t. That just made an optional one for specific use-case scenarios.