Your anti-gun side has the commie media, their stupid editorials, retarded celebrities.
It all comes from individual donations, even anti-gun CNN can’t deny it.
Gregory Smith

I’ve been a gun owner for 20 years of my 33 year life. Maybe that doesn’t match up to you, but it’s not nothing, and it certainly costs you credibility for being so damn presumptuous. (Oh, and I'm a former NRA member, but I can say today that they do not adequately represent me.)

You, sir, don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to me. Now, drop the attitude and stop acting like a terrified, defensive child (which is the negative stereotypical image people like you get attached to me), and maybe we can hash this out.

You said 99.99% of NRA funds comes from regular people like you.

Then you gave me a detailed breakdown of revenues that shows 70% of revenue coming directly from regular people like you. (Advertising is not regular people. Other organizations are not regular people.)

So… which is it? 70 or 99.99?

You were wrong. You pulled “99.99%” out of thin air, and I called you on it.

This has noting to do with politics. This has nothing to do with Hollywood. This has nothing to do with anything aside from the fact that you made a false statement.

Just say “my bad” and let it be. Be a responsible human being that is big enough to admit when they’ve said/done something wrong. That’s a trait to be admired and respected.

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