First of all proudly stating that you failed to read the complete article is just poor taste (“look…

No. First of all, I didn’t fail to comprehend anything that I read, I simply chose to read only the conclusion of the piece. There’s a difference. Perhaps it is you with the reading comprehension issues.

Chinese films grossed $427 Million overseas in 2015. [source] As in all of them.

The U.S. Domestic box office is an $11 Billion segment, compared to China’s $6 Billion.

So based on business and business alone, I reject all of your assertions. For the same reason that American films are being made to cater toward Chinese audiences, we can now see that Chinese films are being made to cater to worldwide audiences, because clearly based of an annual international haul of $427 Million, Chinese films not made with the worldwide audience in mind are not popular outside of China.

You know what other evidence supports my position? The film’s dialogue is entirely in English. Because China Film Group wants this to be a worldwide hit. They want this one movie to make more internationally than the entire Chinese film industry made last year.

So they are copying Hollywood. It’s still not Hollywood’s fault. If someone copied you on a test and got the answers wrong, is it your fault that they failed?

I say no, it’s their fault for copying.

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