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Okay… Trying to be as diplomatic as possible here. I love Stranger Things. I finished my binge on the Friday it was released. I don’t have a bad thing to say about it.

But these “creative cuts” are a reach. They're not very creative or original. They just aren’t. They are expertly done and utilized though. The technical aspects of the editing throughout the entire series is certainly masterful.

But, what jump cuts are you talking about? Certainly not Godard-style jump cuts, because those are nowhere to be found.

And most of the other cuts touted as “creative” are just basic match cuts. Match on Eleven’s face. Match on hands grabbing thing. Match on house when going from real to upside down (and vice versa). Match on Christmas lights.

Not to mention the fact that they utilize the old axiom of cutting on action and put it to great use. There are many match cuts on action the mirror different characters in different situations.

It’s all great. And I don’t have a problem with it being analyzed and studied, but I have to draw the line at writing articles about some obsessive person compiling video essays that simply declare things as good and creative without any analysis or explanation of that position.

If it were an academic endeavor, there would be explanations. (See any of the great Cinefix videos analyzing great scenes.)

This is just a fan-cut with no real academic merit and for some reason you’re writing an article about it, and adding very little new material to the conversation.

If you want to discuss the editing of anything, do it right and break it down with objective reasons why it’s good or creative or whatever your thesis is. You have to break it down.

Frankly, I watched the video, and there’s nothing there I haven’t seen before elsewhere. That’s not to say it’s bad, but it’s not original or creative.

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