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Several of the clips in the video stretch the term “cinematography” to its very limit.

Brad Pitt running on a treadmill in a well lit gym in ‘Burn After Reading'? Seriously? It’s a static shot, the camera does nothing. The lighting is realistic and unremarkable. So why does it get included? Because Brad Pitt waves his arms around in a funny manner, that’s it. And that’s not cinematography.

And, even though I hate the film itself, ‘The Revenant’ deserves some recognition, as the cinematography was the one good thing it had going for it.

Glad to see ‘Sunshine’ get a little love. Küchler is underrated, and should have had a scene or two from ‘Hanna’ and ‘Steve Jobs’ in the mix as well.

All in all, cinematography is one of those nebulous ideas that far too few people understand. I’m glad they’re starting to get some real attention of late.