No sir. I usually stay out of discussions of gun control (which, btw, I generally support), I…

That’s fine.

I’m genuinely glad to know that someone like you exists out there on patrol.

That being said, I feel as though I’ve been raked across the coals, cussed out, told I was on drugs, called crazy, called stupid and an idiot, and on and on.

Maybe you just didn’t see those.

Or maybe because we are on different teams, you chose to single me out.

It doesn’t really matter. I’m just curious about whether you’re a hypocrite or just happened upon me at a bad moment. (Which, really, really, wasn’t even that bad. Yes, I snarked. I’m a sarcastic person.)

But I don’t insult people unless they earn it. I don’t cuss people out. I don’t make threats. I try to the best of my abilities to remain reasonable in the face of unwavering zealotry.

And I got scolded for it.

Keep on keeping on. Like I said, I’m glad at least one person out there cares about politesse to some degree.

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