I have a lot of ideas too, unfortunately unless the Democratic Party actually starts to THINK about…
Jeff Freeman

That’s the exact thing I’ve been saying… it’s not “how” mass shootings or street crime happen, it’s “why”.

Don’t believe Trump though, crime rates are down so far from where they’ve been. Media coverage skews it and makes it seem worse than it is in reality.

And even though Trump is all in favor of states’ rights, his AG, Jeff Sessions, is already trotting old, tired, and debunked arguments against marijuana legalization claiming that violent crime comes with it… which Washington and Colorado have proven to be untrue.

I’m trying to hold my party to a higher standard, I need you to do the same, friend. Reforming drug policy (something that hasn’t been done nationally in 50+ years) is a great place to start with as it pertains to the “why” street crime happens argument.

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