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The whole equal representation thing is where you lose me though.

This is meant to be a movie for the world, so by casting different ethnicities they are being inclusive and striving for equal representation. But really, the decision was made with box office in mind, as I originally claimed. Because a Chinese film with a Chinese cast will not do well internationally. That’s why I invoked those revenue figures. It’s proof that the world isn’t very interested without things like recognizable stars, English language, etc.

People are mad because the film is set in China in the past, and a white guy is there. It spits in the face of Chinese history… never mind the fact that it’s a fantasy epic about a monster!

And the scientists creating the bomb is a false equivalency. They created a thing capable of immense death and destruction from the ether. They opened a door that would not have been opened without their individual contributions. Who are the Einstein and Oppenheimer of whitewashing? Who masterminded it? Who’s to blame? See, false equivalency.

This issue has two sides to it- whitewashing vs casting an A list star. Both can be true at the same time, and one could be an unintended consequence of the other. When I say they copied Hollywood, I mean they copied Hollywood’s business practices, like pandering to the international audience, not copying whitewashing for its own sake.

I just don’t understand the furor about a fantasy monster movie. It’s not a historical epic or based on a true story… They just want to get into the business of making films that gross a billion dollars.

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