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Tomatometer says…

79% (39 reviews)

Foreign Box Office says…

$30.1 million ($75 million budget)

I haven’t seen it, and I’m not even defending it…

But, it’s a kid’s flick. Toy Story is old enough to drink (21 years old!). Today’s 4–10 year olds aren’t concerned with Toy Story. Toy Story is scarcely one of Pixar’s best.

This will be well received with the caveat “for a kid’s movie” and it will be a box office juggernaut because it’s been building good buzz for a long time.

Maybe save the hefty analyses for films that merit hefty analyses. Just say, “looks cool, story is a rip off, it’s messy but kids will love it”.

And get ready for the sequel in 2019.

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