When You Think You’ve Found A Nude Picture Of A Friend Online

We need some real 21st century etiquette rules about this.

Is it even them? What if the face is obscured, but the phone case looks familiar? Is it revenge porn, or did they post it him/herself in service of a private kink?

Of course, if you bring it up, you’ll have to explain how you found it. That’s a bit awkward. And don’t even dream of saying anything that would be construed as passing judgment: whether on the practice of taking nude photos itself, or on their appearance.

And if you ignore it, and they are unaware, you’re essentially allowing someone you seem to care about to be violated. That’s a pretty horrible thing to do.

But really, this situation is a minefield. What is the proper course of action?

What would you want if it were you who were naked?

Maybe the answer is simply to remove the stigma and just allow people to do what they want without judgment or shame, however most pleases them.

But I have some pretty out-there ideas sometimes…