How Apple Failed Leslie Jones (and Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton and Kaley Cuoco, and…)
Kim Crawley

Yeah… sorry, but I’m not in favor of blaming companies for stuff like this. Apple isn’t some faceless subsidiary of an overseas megacorp that you’ve never heard of like half of the Android powered hardware on the market.

Apple has industry leading customer service. Via phone or your local Apple Store. I refuse to let ignorant people coast by on their willful ignorance. You mentioned it too, Google it. There is no reason for anyone not to understand how these things work. Apple has been using two factor authentication for a good long while too, there was a time I could barely do anything without getting prompted to improve my security. Maybe, just maybe, Jones ignored all the prompts and chose to live on the edge.

Or maybe she did everything right and the power of evil was just too much.

Either way, I don’t blame her, and I don’t blame Apple. (Plot twist: What if she used a password manager that revealed her credentials? Dashlane perhaps… Then what?)

And by the way, users do have to opt in to iCloud Photo Library.

This blame-shifting is stupid. Apple didn’t do anything wrong. They provided a service and it was violated. Do you blame the Highway Department for every car crash that happens on their roads?

The only people to blame are the hackers. They’re criminals. There is no defense for what they did. Period. Blaming Apple let’s the real guilty parties off the hook.

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