Although I am not a touch-desktop fan at all and am typing this on a mac, these are essentially the…
Kevin Barnes

You may have heard fanboys making those arguments, but they don’t seem to have any validity.

Just for a few special people? Macs may not have 90% market share, but there’s hardly anything that special about them.

Price will always be relative to the consumer and their needs, but there’s quantum leap between a $2,000 iMac or MBP and a $3,000 Surface Studio. What does that money get you? A touchscreen? A fancy hinge? I can go to Walmart and get a touchscreen all-in-one off the shelf today for $650.

Microsoft has priced the Surface Studio way too high to ever see it succeed. Like I said, the BEST non-BTO iMac costs $700 less than the worst Surface Studio.

Oh, and, they only sold 30,000 of them in the holiday quarter. So, that’s some hard data.

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