How did I get rid of Gaming?

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After passing 10th class, I bought my new Computer with graphics card which was for Gaming purpose only. I used to collect games from my friends and played whole day. “Whole Day” means after I reach home from tuition class at 9 am, I turn on my PC and start gaming. I played around 3–4 hours daily at morning, 2–3 hours at noon and so on at night. It looked like I had gaming time-table instead of reading books. Even I played games 7 hours long from morning if my parents were not at home.

Usually I got bad marks both 11th and 12th class. My 12th class marks percentage fall to 15% than 10th class. I lost my patience of reading books and became more gaming addicted. And then I couldn’t get good marks in Engineering Entrance exam.

It was going continuously from 4 years which times is the most important for a Student to start his career.

But… I knew of building website using WordPress. I used to create Gaming-Clan website for my teams. Later, I heard something from my friend that “I can earn money from my website”. It was great to hear. So next month, I opened a website where I used to write various of post but had less knowledge. I researched on the Internet about it to know more better. I had this website, but had only few posts.

So later, I opened a new website WPMyWeb, based on WordPress tutorials at which I had good knowledge. I published post twice in a week. But at the same time I also played games.

One day something automatically happened in my mind. Suddenly I started feeling that “Gaming” is the most boring thing in my life. From then, I tried to play games, but don’t know I can play hardly 1–5 minutes. I told myself “Wow. this is good.” I also started watching some motivational videos to keep focusing on my work.

When I think about those days, I began to laugh and feel shy. Even, some days ago I played games 6–8 hours everyday, but today 1 minutes of gaming insults me and make me feel more boring. I found a line that actually says the truth “You will give more importance, value and time to those things, which are seemed to be most important thing on that moment”. For example, some days ago Gaming was the most important thing than others like any work, reading etc. You can easily notice that when we spend more times on phone, TV, that means those things are the most important thing in that moment.

Most of people say I have addiction to something and it is great, but I say Addiction is one of the most dangerous thing in our life. Sounds strange…..right? Let me explain! Have you ever see that Addiction to something is good for us? For example, Addicted to junk foods, Addicted to phone, Addicted to drugs and many more.

Anyway… this way totally I am disconnected from gaming and most of my friends can’t believe it yet. Now I am focusing on my blog and writing more useful articles. Recently I published some useful post- Best Managed WordPress Hosting, Speed Up WordPress Site, Premium WordPress Themes etc.

Now, I don’t stay work less because the moment you wouldn’t do anything, the more negative or irritating thinking will attack you and that makes us more negative and anger. So I will strongly recommend you to don’t stay free, do something whatever you like that makes you better than yesterday and watch motivational videos, read books on your leisure time. Don’t ever say “I am doing Time pass or how to do Time pass”. Do something else productivity that makes you better. Cheers

Jyoti Prakash Ray- Founder and Editor of