I Would Like to Represent Individual Members of the Node.js Foundation

I would bring a unique perspective to the Node.js Foundation Board of Directors.

There are several traits I possess that allow me to bring a unique perspective about “individual” developers to the table. I grew up in, live in, and work remotely from semi-rural Columbia, MO (USA). I have first hand experience using Node.js and JavaScript as an independent consultant with global clients, working not only for the enterprise, but also with startups and individuals prototyping software so they can better pitch their ideas to investors. I know first hand what it takes to accomplish developer and business objectives with or without corporate backing, by utilizing open source and a DIY attitude.

I value inclusivity and am a good listener. I promise to listen to and represent all individual members, including all sexes, races, LGBTQ+, and disabled people.

The environment is very important to me. I raise chickens and grow organic vegetables at my home/office in the small city of Columbia, MO.

I am the author and maintainer of a couple slightly successful open source Node.js modules: baucis and deco. I’ve also contributed significantly to multi-level-cache and have made a number of small contributions to and published many open source projects, as well as additional npm modules. For more information about my professional background, please visit my LinkedIn profile.