Tide Pods a Memoir

A Tide Pod is something that tide came up with about 6 years ago the design was to make a simple task just a little bit easier. The thought was to make a single use detergent capsule for the laundry all you have to do is throw in a pod and turn it on. Instead of pouring out the right amount of liquid and then the fabric softener not to mention the mess you might make this invention was going to do very well. Tide is known for their colors and signature scent but to keep the branding they must make the tide pod resemble their logo in turn the pod was very colorful and was aesthetically pleasing.

When tide came out with these pods people immediately started showing interest in eating them saying they were “the forbidden fruit”. This was all a joke and people just joked about eating these concentrated pods. In 2012 CBS came out with an article “CDC warns laundry detergent pods pose health risk” in this article there was a surprising statistic, “Between May 17 and June 17, 2012, the CDC said there were 1,008 reports of laundry detergent poisonings. Of these, 485 — or 48 percent — were from exposures to laundry detergent contained in pods.”. This article made people gain a little interest and start to wonder the bad things that could happen to their children.

Roughly three years after the tide pods came out a social media platform called the Onion posted a story from a toddler’s point of view about eating one of the red and blue flavored pods that made it home from the store last week.This article was just a comedy piece stating how could a kid resist something that looks so good, this is something reminds the internet users about the instances in the past.

This video is something that a youtube channel called college humor put out bringing attention to the matter of eating tide pods. It is hard to be certain when the first video of someone eating a tide pod came out but from personal experience the trend started around the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. The tide pod challenge is what the video is referring too its where there is a challenge to take a bite out of a tide pod and post your video on the internet. Lots of kids took on the challenge and would post it to try and be funny or to get a lot of views on their video. For some reason society finds it funny to joke about death the precursor was drinking bleach kids would say something like, oh I failed my final exam today time to go drink some bleach. After the drinking bleach meme started to die down the tide pods took over teens were making jokes about how their life was miserable so they were going to eat tide pods there was lots of backlash on social media but a lot of kids found it hilarious. Teenagers around the world began to try and get their 5 minutes of fame by eating a tide pod. It started out as a joke but after kids actually began consuming the detergent on purpose and becoming hospitalized is when it got out of hand.

When the tide pod challenge hit the news parents couldn’t believe their eyes. Once the challenge was all over the news tide caught wind of the dilemma and tried to act with some simple measures. The first thing that happened was a commercial that starred Rob Gronkowski hit the air and showed everyone that tide did not condone the consumption of their product and that they were taking action. The most memorable action that took place was in stores, suddenly the “pod” laundry detergent was locked up and you had to get an employee to unlock it for you just like the razors. The lasting precaution that was put in place was child proof packaging even on the zipper bags.

Eating tide pods has started to die out but it was so viral that other people got some creative ideas. This website is just one of many that are using the familiar appearance of tide pods to their advantage when making a tasty treat. This is a giant mango coconut gummy that looks very similar to a tide pod but this one won’t send you to the emergency room afterwards.