Jesus was a Homeless Brown Refugee Who Ran Around Giving People Free Healthcare
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

“The entire New Testament is Jesus walking around with 12 dudes giving medicine to poor people.”

No, it’s not. There is a whole lot of other stuff you have obviously missed.

As far as the healthcare, first, that wasn’t even a concept, much less a word in His time, second, He did it Himself. He did not tell his disciples to organize a protest in front of either King Herod’s palace nor Procurator Pilate’s citadel and demand free healthcare for the poor. He told his followers to do it themselves. To his apostles and a few disciples the Holy Spirit gave the power to heal others. And to preach and convert, but not to organize and petition the government to do it for them instead.

Likewise for wealth redistribution, your followup article needs to tell us all who it was Jesus sent after the rich young ruler to make sure he sold all he owned and gave it to the poor. As far as I can tell, it’s nobody. It was entirely up to the ruler to choose to do what Jesus told him. Likewise, he didn’t suggest that Christians organize to lobby the government to take everything from the wealthy at spearpoint (or gunpoint) and redistribute it (everyone felt government took too much back then anyway), he told his followers to help the poor themselves.

I give to charities which have good records of actually helping the poor, the homeless, and the sick as well as to my church and to evangelical missions. Those organizations clearly are far more aware of their accountability to their donors, and the fragility of their existence than government agencies or than Congress which mandates so much corrupt money transfers.

As for Jesus being a refugee, he stopped being a refugee when his family returned to Nazareth. Now, refugees seem to be permanently stamped with that label and are squeezed into that box so that someone else can ride their suffering to power. Definitely not Christian.