What is a Premium WordPress themes?

Just add the word ‘premium’ in front of everything. It will give totally different meaning. Anything that attached the word premium will be more exclusive, better, different class, different level or other meaning that emphasize the betterness.

Premium WordPress theme are just the same. It give an exclusive meaning, exclusive feature, better feature, better performance, and other positive meaning. The word ‘premium’ also attached to the higher value or price. Premium WordPress themes for sure is not free, and sometime is relatively expensive.

So what is Premium WordPress themes actually? There are no standard definition or standard certification that can be used to distinguish a premium WordPress theme and a regular one.

Everybody who was knowledge on WordPress coding can create a WordPress theme, label it as premium and sell it on the market. Woww it sounds dangerous. We need to be carefull selecting premium WordPress theme developer that we want to buy from.

If i may create a definition of premium WordPress theme, i will say :

Premium WordPress theme are WordPress theme that is profesionally developed by reputable WordPress theme developer that giving a regular update according recent blogging issue and giving support to their customer for any issue related with the themes. To do so, developer must sell the themes at reasonable price that allowed them making profit and maintaining/improving themes quality.

The free WordPress theme can not be a premium WordPress theme by that definition. The free theme tend to ignore the update and the customer support. Without update and customer support, any wordpress theme will outdated eventually.

Do you agree with my definition?

Who are reputable premium WordPress theme developer?

Anyway, to make this writing become meaningfull, let discuss further about reputable WordPress theme developer, so you can decide from which developer you should buy a premium WordPress theme from.

On my mind there are two names ringing when we are talking about reputable WordPress theme Developer. They are StudioPress and Mythemeshop. I have personal user experience using their themes.

How can i say that StudioPress and Mythemeshop are reputable? Frankly by looking at the number of their customer, the customer testimony and experiencing their themes personally. They have served hundreds thousands customer and keep growing from one year to another.

In some cases the theme developer is so confident about their themes and offered 30 days money back guarantee if the customer did not satisfy.

Mythemeshop and StudioPress also has the rest characteristic of premium WordPress theme as my definition. It has regular update, it has customer support and they sell the themes for certain price.

For sure there are other premium WordPress theme developer available on the market. For example Divi, Xthemes and other else. I can say nothing about them since i don’t have personal experience buying premium WordPress theme from them. Maybe in other time i will purchase one of their theme and try their theme and their support.

How about the technical aspect of premium WordPress theme?

I did not talk much about the technical aspect of WordPress theme quality like the unique design, fast speed loading, schema integration, easy customization, SEO friendly, breadcumbs, Ad-Sense ready, responsiveness, and other themes characteristic that has become could become characteristic of premium WordPress theme.

In my opinion some of those feature has become a basic feature of any WordPress theme.

In some case the feature crafted in WordPress theme are depend on the customer needs. That’s why i did not put the feature as basis for premium WordPress theme classification.

What is the price of premium WordPress theme?

To add more information about this topic, probably it will better to put information about the price range of a premium WordPress theme.

There is no regulation or standard of how much is the price of premium WordPress theme. I just can say the number based on my experience purchasing premium WordPress theme from Mythemeshop and StudioPress.

Mythemeshop give cheaper price compare to StudioPress. However the package is different. When we buy a premium WordPress theme we buy 4 things:

  • The themes itself
  • The themes update
  • Customer support service
  • Site license

Look at those detail before you buy a premium WordPress theme.

Mythemeshop sell the premium WordPress theme for $ 19 — $ 69 for one year update and support. You have to renew the yearly fee if you want to keep the update and support.

The wide price range is the game that played by Mythemeshop to attract customer. They offered several big discount range in certain event for limited time offer. Psylogically it attracts new customer to purchase when they got a big amount of discount.

For new customer getting $ 45 per theme has made them motivated to purchase as they thought the regular price is $ 69. For experienced customer like me, will wait the best offer and was not intimidated with the discount at limited time period.

I don’t know wheter this strategy is effective. But it is their choice.

The $ 19 looks affordable, but you pay those $ for one year only. After one year you will loose the other element that make a WordPress theme become premium. Which are update and support.

The site license are also tricky. Mythemeshop allow us to use them for certain number of site. 1 site license has different price with 5 site license and so on. You need to consider this also before made a purchase.

The premium WordPress theme produced by StudioPress sold at higher price compare to Mythemeshop. One regular premium WordPress theme from StudioPress are sold with range price from $ 80- $ 130. StudioPress did not offer fantastic discount in their marketing strategy. In my experience, the discount is only up to 20% for single theme.

Eventhough it looks expensive, StudioPress come with better sales package. They offer lifetime update, lifetime support and unlimited site. You only need to spend money once to get all of those package.

Conclusion and Wrap Up

A product become premium because it has some characteristic. A premium WordPress theme will have at least four characteristic:

  • Developed by reputable WordPress theme developer
  • Provide an theme update as needed
  • Provide customer support
  • Sold at reasonable price that allowed the developer to profesionaly crafted a premium WordPress theme.

Thank you for reading this articles. If you have any comment, suggestion or different thought please mention on the comment section below.

I hope you can get some insight from this reading and cheers.