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We come across lots of great posts on Medium daily. What’s great about this platform is that it fuels us to write about anything and share it with the world. So what better way to showcase our Media Kit? Hopefully this post will provide you with everything you need to know about our app!

If you have any questions drop me a message (yamill@wpv.email)

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P.S. You can download all the goodies (photos, gif’s, logos) from our dropbox.

What is WPV?

We believe that both creators and viewers should have the power to advance their culture. There is nothing better than watching something grow organically. Everyone should have a fair shot at getting discovered and that’s why we love communities such as Svbtle, Medium, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud. On our behalf, I’m here to bring you the next music video platform.

Our mission is allow future artists drive their career straight from their device.

Meaning, artists will reach a day that they no longer need to build a website, or use a bunch of services to get things done. WPV’s goal is to unify tools and features artist use everyday. While at the same time, have the most gorgeous and easy platform available. For example, how great would it be if an artist like Kanye can sell his Yeezy’s straight from his profile without having his fans leave the experience? (This is coming soon. We’ll likely roll out a single product launch to keep things minimal).

Profile E-Commerce Teaser on WPV

Promo Video

This video was made in my garage. Who would of that being a hand model is hard work?


October 7, 2015, our soft launch app had literally just gone live in the App Store. Later that night, we submitted our app on Product Hunt. The next morning we’re up on their homepage! 😱 We had a whopping of 31 upvotes! Given that there were a lot of big product releases that day, we thought that wasn’t too shabby. 🙂

December 2, 2015 our app was selected for FBStart - Facebook’s new project designed to give early-stage mobile startups a platform for building and growing their apps. 👏🏻🎉

Launch Details


Personalized Feed

All of the latest videos from the Artists you follow are here. Catch 7-second sneak peeks of our hottest artists and if you want to watch the whole music video, it’s just a tap away. You can also favorite, see how popular a video is, and share it with your friends.

Video Feed Previews (left), Watch the full video by tapping preview (right)

Beautiful Full Screen Profiles

We believe every user should get a gorgeous profile. WPV allows you to customize yours by uploading a full-screen cover photo. As an Artist, you can manage your latest uploads, and as a user, you can show your taste through the latest music videos you liked.

Artist Profile

Fast uploads!

Upload videos straight from your iOS device! All you need is a Dropbox account and you’re all set. All videos are hosted on our servers and optimized for TV, Web, Tablets, and Phones.

Upload from Dropbox

Tailored Messages from Artists

Artists can send all of their followers push notifications — it can be a simple update or letting their fans know where they are and what they are up to.

*An artist must have at least 50 followers to send a push notification.


It’s easy to discover the most active Artists and Users in our community.

Discover Artists (Left), Discover Users (Right)

Don’t wait in line

Signing up as users and artists is a breeze. The best thing is that artists don’t have to wait in line to get their account approved.


Our App Icon

App Icon

App Store Screenshots


Connect with us!

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Shoutout’s to:
Deniss Jacenko for help writing this.
Jessica Erazo for bringing the promo video to life.
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