Here’s how I’m investing $1000 in this market right now:


1- Invest time to research the general crypto landscape. You should have a general understanding of the following terms before investing. Blockchain, Wallet, Coins, Tokens, NFTs, Market Cap, Floor, Tokenomics, Discord, NFTwitter, Pump and Dump, Shitcoin, Memecoin and other general Crypto culture terms.


2- I personally would purchase my crypto, using my bank or debit card, from as I’ve found that they’re the best to work with. Other centralized exchanges are Gemini, FTX, Coinbase, Binance,, Kucoin, and others.

You can also purchase certain crypto within the decentralized Wallet apps such as Metamask using a debit card. Or, you can even purchase crypto from a Crypto ATM. However, these types of transactions come with a premium fee.

Note that with just $1000 to invest you will want to keep your fees to a minimum. At this stage in the game I recommend using a centralized exchange to purchase your crypto as mentioned above [ app].

Top coins to purchase once you’re ready [in centralized exchanges]:

$200 ETH

$200 MATIC

$300 GALA

$200 SOL

$100 SUPER

I’ve optimized these numbers for minimum risk and maximum gains. There are other good tokens and coins out there but this is what I would do personally. As a matter of fact, Im purchasing these coins/tokens and we can stay up to date together on this 1000 investment starting today 2.4.2022

**3- The Cash Out Method:**

Make sure you are setting a timer on your investment and having an investors thesis to begin with. You must understand your goals and your time in the market. You know what they say: time in the market beats timing the market.

For this investment I’m setting a timer of 6 months. However, if any of these coins do multiple 100%s in a short period of time I will start dollar cost averaging out.

I will keep this feed pinned to this channel and I will update any movements in this portfolio.

You can do this with any other amount while keeping the same ratios of these coins for the same percentage results on bigger or smaller amounts of capital. I am Interested to see what happens to this in 6 months or even 1 year. I guess we’ll see, InshaAllah.

In Conclusion

This is an experiment to see how long it’ll take for this $1000 to show us some returns. And how much the value of this investment will grow over the next 6 months. Six months is actually a short time frame. Really interested to see where this post would be at 3 years from now.

This is also an inside look at how my brain would treat crypto right now given $1000 that I want to invest with maximum gains and minimum risk.

A write up about the top metaVerse coins to invest in with $1000 is in the works now so make sure you follow me.

We’ll follow up to complete the trilogy of the $1000 investment methods in an even riskier version [Spoiler- it involves NFT trading ;]


UPDATE: here’s how it’s going today on the morning of 2.8.2022

-Rxdha Out



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