Why the March for Science failed, as demonstrated by its own protest signs
Risk; Reason and Emotion

Well… I suppose someone at the science march probably thought this. Some scientists, are smug condescending assholes, just like some members of any profession you might name are smug condescending assholes.

The rest of us weren’t.

The rest of us were keenly, unavoidably aware of the limitations of the human brain, because we spend hours and hours every week fighting as hard as we can, to minimize how much they affect our work, so that, even if we can’t hope to come to some perfect platonic truth, we can describe reality in the most objective, least biased way possible. It won’t be completely objective, or unbiased, because humans are limited, and the scientific method is limited, but it’ll be as close as we can get, because we haven’t got anything better.

So we marched for truth and evidence, in the hope that maybe a few more people might join us in the pursuit. And we marched for diversity in science, because at least when we all have different perspectives, we can bring different biases.

And at least we actually got up and tried to do better. Because even if we messed it right up it was better than standing around giving snide commentary after the fact.

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