The amount of people that agree with this author just indicates, again, how woefully under educated…
Tom Hawkins

Free-Market Economics 101: rent-seeking (a specific kind of behavior), in any form, is bad.

Rent-seeking isn’t about renting out a room. Rent seeking is extracting wealth, but without creating any in the market exchange.

Things like monopolizing potable water is rent-seeking, because, under the threat of dying of thirst, you can extort anything for any price, which goes against the fundementals of the free-market. The market economy wouldn’t grow by extracting wealth from water monopoly, it would shrink.

This is really 101 stuff, this rent-seeking idea. Its a fundemental part of free market theory, which is typically ignored by folks who say they are free markers, but are just conmen.

You are here, saying people need to learn economics, but your justifying economic rent seeking, like you don’t know better … or you don’t think we know better and are trying to con us.

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