Insulated Pallet Cover | Medium Duty

Designed to cover and protect individual pallets of temperature sensitive commodities including Ice Cream and other Frozen foods. This popular insulated pallet cover assures that your sensitive freight arrives in the condition you demand. The ALCO PC-7000 is viable alternative to refrigerated LTL carriers, a flexible source for combo loads, and to prevent drums, totes, & other commodities from damage caused by excessive heat and freezing temperatures. Custom designs are available!

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The PC-7000 is a thermal pallet cover designed to protect individual pallets of temperature sensitive products. A variety of sizes are available to ensure your temperature sensitive freight arrives in the condition you demand. Like our other insulated pallet products, the PC-7000 captures the existing environment of your freight and assists in maintaining a safe temperature range throughout the delivery process.

  • Durable water-repellent coated nylon outer shell
  • Reusable for many uses increasing ROI
  • Superior insulator with 450 grams of 19 oz insulation
  • Four-sided construction that allows easy entry from all sides
  • Velcro strips hold sides in place up or down
  • Standard pallet size 40˝ x 48˝, various height sizes available
  • Maintain cold chain
  • Protect from Heat
  • Block radiation, convection and conduction
  • Sustainable & Durable
  • Fully collapsible for quick return logistics
  • Ideal for ice cream and perishable goods
  • Ice Cream and Frozen Foods
  • Floral
  • Food & Beverage
  • High Tech & Electronics
  • Industrial Chemicals & Paints
  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

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