Which one are you?

Generally there are three types of people in one of the following categories:

1. Pessimists

We usually think of this type as being the negative, condescending, “woe is me”, everything sucks, etc attitude towards life. There are different variations of this category in that some are just not happy with their current situation and do not have a path or support system to help them change directions. The negative person always tries to pick the “bad” out of every situation and dwell on it. This person will absolutely drain your energy and suck the life out of you if you surround yourself. Alot of times people are very negative because they've had bad experiences and situations that changed their perspective on life; its almost like their own defense mechanism. In most cases its not their real soul and if its someone we care about, there’s hope for them if we are caring enough to “drip” some of our positive energy on them. Of course though, they have to be willing to accept it….

2. Realist (or sometimes referred to as optimists)

Biggest group of all three. This would be the person who is not quite in the negative frame of mind, but rather sees life as what it is and rolls with the punches. They are the working class, going through life trying to live the “dream” as we say here in America, some a bit more aggressive than others with their goals. They are usually the person who doesn't like to miss their goals so they’ll set them very low in fear that people will make fun of it, and they’re very self conscious. For the most part we’re good people giving back to our society and treating others as we would like to be treated. Education is important and having a good job is the way to go(that’s what we are taught). And a small percentage of them have higher standards and almost on the verge of the next category which is having a long term vision, but not quite there yet…

3. Visionary

Now, here’s the smallest group of all, the crazy, outrageous, ridiculous people, right? The one’s who other people look at and see someone who is almost running a “one man show” with a huge following. What are they thinking??

This is a special group, one in which it takes Leadership skills to pave the path for others in a way that inspires people to action. The Visionary sees the BIG picture, has their eye on the target and Nothing will stop them from hitting it. Adversity will present itself continuously, but they keep fighting through it. They stand tall and proud, let absolutely nothing stand in their way, learn and grow from experiences and become a person who is solid from the inside out.

Others will try to intimidate, poke fun of, and laugh, but the Visionary gains even more passion as they push through. It gives them more energy to keep going.

Here’s the good news. Everyone can learn to become a Visionary in their own mind. It all starts with being coachable and teachable. Start to study those who have what you want.

For me, most of my life I was a Pessimist. Not entirely negative and miserable but some negativity still in my life. Over the past decade I’ve let go of that and now onto a Visionary because life is so much more fun in that category.

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