While most people will probably go through their entire lives without hearing the words data scraping put together in a sentence, anyone who deals in any kind of market online will, and they should listen very closely.

Web and data scraping, once something that only the biggest of companies used to concern themselves with, is now an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes and across all kinds of different industries.

After all, who wouldn’t want a powerful, in-depth way of gathering and analysing big data about their market?

How can you start data scraping?

In the simplest terms, data…

That data scraping is a potential goldmine for e-commerce businesses is a notion that plenty of aspiring entrepreneurs have tuned into over the years.

The challenges behind scraping data from the big players in the field, like eBay and Amazon, can appear prohibitive at first but, like many things in life, just require some extra bit of work and solid knowledge.

Let’s see why you should consider using data scraping tools for your own e-commerce business.

Compare and adjust prices

In the digital age, consumers are more informed than ever. Price hunting is not just for the tech-savvy anymore as anyone can just hope…

Whether you are a startup with a lot of room for growth or an established business that wants to maintain its status in the market, data scraping can be an extremely effective tool.

If you’ve heard of web scraping but think you can’t incorporate it into your own business model, perhaps it’s time to rethink.

Data scraping can give you a leg over the competition

One of the most powerful but perhaps criminally under-appreciated aspects of data scraping is just how much of an advantage it can give you in areas such as competitor analysis.

Understanding, analysing, and surpassing the competition is a constant process that should have no respite…

For those new in web scraping, the vast amount of data readily available for anyone’s copying and consumption can seem incredible and frightening all at once.

Before you delve any further into the world of data scraping, read on to find out some of the common pitfalls you might encounter, and some tips on the best etiquette to follow.

Try to:

1. Research the sites you wish to scrape from

A personalised approach to each site may not be possible to those who wish to scrape data of hundreds of websites at once, but that’s not always the case.

Sometimes, you wish to spend a lot of time on a single…

When it comes to data scraping, there are plenty of solutions that can give you the kind of results you are looking for. One that is quite often overlooked, however, is simply leveraging your browser.

Here, we will take a look at how you can utilise Chrome’s extension functionalities to scrape data of any website.

Why would you want to do this?

The main reason why someone would opt for using a Chrome extensions for web scraping is a limited budget. Of course, you may have a multitude of other reasons too. It’s a great option for those who:


Scraping web data from e-commerce websites is a time-consuming and repetitive process that simply begs for automation. Import.io turns this into an easy task, allowing you to get the data you need in a fraction of the time.

Let’s take a look at an example of how you can scrape data of an Amazon page populated by laptops.

The setup

Getting ready for the task ahead is easy and straightforward.

1. Login to your Import.io account by visiting this link.

2. Navigate to the Extractors tab using the panel on the left.

3. Head to the web page you wish…

You may have heard the news, bots are stealing jobs left, right and centre. By 2025, half of all work ON THE PLANET will be handled by robots (that’s 75 million). But those that foresee Armageddon are missing a trick, as the rise of the robots is also predicted to create 133 million NEW jobs by 2022.

Time saved, costs lowered, jobs created. What’s not to love?

So why are offices the world over still relying on paper? (more than half of all businesses still work in this way); especially when automation tools have never been friendlier or more expansive…

When we think of digital marketing, it can be hard not to get that little shudder of dread. Just how as a business do you successfully manage various social media platforms, email marketing and online enquires, all while trying to juggle all the other daily tasks of your business? Fear not, by implementing automated digital marketing tools into your business, you can help save yourself time and resources.

Automated digital marketing doesn’t need to be a scary prospect, either. In fact, many of us have been making use of these automated tools for years, we just didn’t realise it. Every…

Project Aim:

Scrape the number of properties for sale each day across all English counties and send out this data as a tweet on a daily basis.


We wrote a scraping script using jquery and hosted this in the cloud. This script scraped the property result count for each English county and was scheduled to run at the start of every day.

The results were added to a shared Google Sheet and then, using a mix of formulas and macros, the data was manipulated to produce a line of text outlining the day on day and week on week…

Web Scraping is a technique to automatically access and process large amount of data from unstructured web pages to structured format.

This Tutorial will teach you how to Install scrapy and generate a simple Spider to Crawl a Website.

What is Scrapy?

· Unlike BeautifulSoup and requests Scrapy is not just a library, it is a complete web scraping framework.

· BeautifulSoup is used to just parse data, whereas Scrapy gives you everything you need to crawl a website: from downloading the webpage, parsing it, processing the data and generating a structured output.

Scrapy can output into different formats easily without changing a…


Taking out the guesswork: www.wrekindata.co.uk

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