A Major Change

I’ve been struggling to write lately. The words stopped flowing and my mind has been slowing down.

Something has happened.

I decided that I needed to change things up.

Instead of this book being told in third person, I decided to put it into first person. And that was for a few reasons.

The biggest one is that while this story is told through fictional characters, this story is mine. I’ve been reluctant to admit that, but I’ve reached a point where if I’m going to write honest words with honest thoughts, that I needed to be honest with myself.

What happened in the book more or less happened to me. The thoughts and feelings that the characters are going through are almost direct correlations to what happened with my family and I. I feel as if I’ll better represent the ideas and attitudes that each moment present if I were to switch gears into first person.

The people have obviously been changed a little bit, but I needed to stop treating them as if they were people I had never met. I have met and experienced a majority of these characters.

Another reason was for a technical reason. I found it much easier to be introspective and create interesting running thoughts of my main character if I was in first person.

I began to be bogged down with trying to create my main character in third person because after a while it began to not feel like mine anymore. He was shaping up down to the t’s and i’s like I wanted, but I felt like I was losing grasp on where I wanted him to go, and switching to first person has given me back that confidence in my words.

This is where I am right now. My end goal for this class is to be done with at least half the book and have gained the tools necessary to effectively continue and finish the second half of the book in the future.