by Michael Williams

During high school and college I believed the time spent off the mat was just as important as the time I spent on the mat. Everything that I did during the season affected my wrestling. Every year I competed, I stayed at school over breaks, watched my diet, and devoted time to extra practices. In 2012, I knew it would be my last chance to create my legacy. I knew I would do whatever it would take.

That year I earned the title of captain of the Ursinus College wrestling team. It was the start to the…

by Tyler Helms

I started wrestling in 8th grade. Weighing 110 pounds soaking wet, I was in no way, shape or form an athlete and had just come to the conclusion that I was never going to be a successful baseball player. My best friend was a wrestler so I decided to give it a try. When my first practice began, I had no idea what to expect, or even what wrestling was. It was at that practice I would first learn what wrestling shoes were. I was absolutely terrible and won only a handful of matches that year. For…

by Sam Shames

Jim Harshaw is a man on a mission. The former Division I All-American at the University of Virginia wants to help motivated former wrestlers reach their potential by clarifying their purpose and taking action. Harshaw knows that wrestlers are programmed for hard work, but that many have never learned how to apply the work ethic they developed on the mat to their goals beyond wrestling. Over the course of his career as a serial entrepreneur, executive director of a non-profit, development officer at the University of Virginia, and Division I head, Harshaw has learned to translate the…

An Interview with Kellen Russell

by Sam Shames

Growing up in New Jersey, Kellen Russell started wrestling when he was six years old. His dad was a wrestler and a high school coach, and Kellen used to follow him from tournament to tournament. As he grew up, Kellen discovered his own love for wrestling and focused that energy into a decorated high school and college career, graduating from Blair Academy as a three-time National Prep champion, a two-time Fargo Freestyle national companion, and a Senior National High School champion before attending the University of Michigan where he has a two-time NCAA champion and a four-time…

by Jacob Laux

As a child, like many children, I enjoyed playing sports. Through elementary school, soccer and basketball were my competitive outlets. Unlike most children (though probably quite like many readers here), I wasn’t particularly good at either. Certainly, I had the drive and desire to perform, but could never really excel in either sport, not in small part due to my propensity for physicality. What was the fun in a sport that penalized you for using your physical advantages?

In the eighth grade, I switched from soccer to football. I enjoyed the sport much more than I had…

by Patrick Lockwood

Do you think I am just a jock
Then you only know me like 6 o’clock
People think I’m just a jock and into joking
You should get to know me, start poking

Sure I am a joker and into sports
But not everything is about the court
If you really know me you know I care about school
School is what really makes you cool

I do well in school and care about my grade
Good grades is what really gets you paid
So don’t judge me by first glance
Get to know me give me a chance…

An Interview with Jake Herbert

by Sam Shames

After finishing up his storied college career at Northwestern in 2009 by winning his second NCAA title, the Dan Hodge Trophy, and the Big Ten Athlete of the Year award, Jake Herbert immediately turned his attention to freestyle wrestling, where we won a silver medal in the World Championships. Herbert dominated the 84kg weight class for the next several years, winning three U.S. Open championships and earning spots on two World Championships teams and at the 2012 London Olympics.

Herbert stopped competing after the 2012 Olympic games, but remained highly active in the wrestling community. In particular…

An Interview with Mike Chapman

by Sam Shames

Growing up in Waterloo, Iowa, the hometown of Dan Gable, Mike Chapman’s life changed when he was 10 years old and his grandfather gave him a book called 100 Greatest Sports Heroes. In that book Chapman read about Frank Gotch, who grew up on a farm in Humboldt, Iowa, and in 1908 became the heavyweight wrestling champion of the world and the most popular athlete in America. Gotch become one of Chapman’s heroes and helped cement his love of wrestling. Mike went to East Waterloo (Iowa) High School, which had a great wrestling tradition, but he didn’t…

An Interview With Mike Sugermeyer

Mike Sugermeyer wrestled for Rhode Island College where he was a senior captain; achieved All-NCAA Northeast Regional honors; and was All-New England and a first team Pilgrim League All-Star. Mike is also the founder and head coach of the Bay State Wrestling Club and the head assistant and recruiting coordinator at Western New England University.

by Kristian Stewart
High School Wrestling Coach
College Wrestler
2x Freestyle All-American
4x Greco-Roman US Open All-American
Greco-Roman National Champion

April 10, 1976 — Born in Norfolk Va.

1977- So I’ve been told, it was a cold Ohio morning in the dead winter. The heat furnace was blasting a solid 80 degrees to fight off the rigid 5 below outside the walls of a 3rd floor apartment duplex. The large 3’x 3’ floor mounted vent had recently been worked on by a local HVAC mechanic. The mechanic had forgotten to bolt the vent down after his repairs. This made a…

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