Promo abilities sell. Wrestling abilities don’t

Daniel Bryan was criticized by the WWE for his lack of “Promo ability” or simply not given a chance to show his ability. Bryan’s wrestling ability was arguably among the best in the world at the time, although in the WWE that doesn’t always matter if you can’t “cut a promo”. After the fans fell in love with Bryan, we saw that all he needed was a mic and a reason to talk to sway the crowd. When it comes to actual wrestling ability I think it’s a skill honed over the years. Rarely is it a natural talent like promos can be.

Enzo Amore was given the gift for gab. Being less than 5 years in the business Enzo has become a star in the WWE and it’s not because he is a darling in the squared circle. Enzo and Cass have now been put in a place with the ability to get over with the crowd with “yo mama” jokes and sell merchandise. They have become a fan favorite and one of the more beloved act’s in the WWE. They have no titles under their belt, but you can tell that their ability to talk (Specifically Enzo) and sell merchandise is the main reason they get TV time. They’re still improving, but the argument can be made of other worthy talent getting a chance to prove they can be on Raw every Monday.

Comparing Daniel Bryan to Enzo Amore sounds outrageous, but what about two of the greats? Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Two superstars, who, like Bryan were put down until they were given the ability to let their charisma shine on the mic. They created characters that shook the pro wrestling world, yet weren’t exactly great wrestlers. Both were consistent but the ability to sway storylines and the crowd with their words made them stars.

Most of the superstars mentioned had one amazing factor to them and then the rest mediocre or nonexistent. Cesaro has a “section”, but I doubt he has a merchandise number that compares to Kevin Owens. The fact of the matter is when you make your debut on the main roster nowadays, it’s more likely that you will get over faster if you can speak. It’s just a matter if you can keep that momentum moving forward. Unfortunately for some wrestlers, if they don’t hone other skills needed to be a pro-wrestler, they will eventually become a mainstay on shows like WWE Main Event or Sunday Night Heat.

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By Tre Lopushinsky

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