Samoa Joe’s stock in the WWE definitely rose

Samoa Joe is a freak of nature for his size. My last roommate (who is not a professional wrestling fan at all) was absolutely obsessed with Joe. He could not believe such a big guy, could be such an incredible athlete. We see Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens which shatters the box that professional wrestlers are put in when thinking of WWE. They’re not “body guy’s” They’re men that were given not only an athletic gift, but a passion that shines above the rest. Looks aside, Joe and Owens are some of the best wrestler’s, talker’s and storytellers in the WWE today.

With an unfortunate loss to ONLY 1 F-5 by the hands of Lesnar, you cant but come away from that and think that its not over between them. Joe almost had Lesnar in the Coquina Clutch several times until Lesnar turned it into an offensive move. The fact that Lesnar looked more tuckered out by the end of the match compared to Joe shows you the level that the “Destroyer” is at. After 17 years wrestling and ten long years in TNA, Joe is no novice in the squared circle. After his debut in NXT and starting with a blank canvas down there, you’d think that once he made it to WWE he would be thrusted into the main event picture. Now, you can argue he has, getting that title shot within less than a year and winning the NXT Championship twice(the first to do so). Joe has been seen as Triple H’s goon for awhile and didn’t even get a shot at Wrestlemania this year. The same happened for Aj Style’s where he started pretty slowly until he showed what he was capable of doing.

Samoa Joe is very capable and after that match last night i cant see him not getting the Universal Championship within the next year. There are rumours of Lesnar having a match with Reigns at Summerslam, so it might not be soon. The Samoan Submission machine brought it to Lesnar last night at GBOF, if he can do that than there is no one in this company he can’t beat.

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By Tre Lopushinsky

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