Written by Rachael Chong

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I met Kara Harrison when she was the coordinator of the Highland-Stirling Community Market and she was connecting with us at the Hacienda Sarria Market Garden to purchase produce to sell on Wednesdays. Though she’s now working in another role in community development for the City of Kitchener, she agreed to sit down with me to chat about the history of the Highland-Stirling market, and what it was like to be involved in the project.

In 2008, this market began out of a need for greater access to “healthy local foods” in the Highland-Stirling neighbourhood. It was one of several neighbourhoods in the Region of Waterloo to receive funding and support from Waterloo Region Public Health to purchase food from local farmers, hire project coordinators, and purchase some of the necessary infrastructure to begin running a multi-week summer market. In the case of Highland-Stirling, it was one the few that continued on to become a yearly undertaking. As the years went on, the Region stepped back their support and the neighbourhood association — made up of community volunteers and only a couple part-time staff — has facilitated the project. …


Food System Roundtable of Waterloo Region

The Roundtable is a networking and policy-influencing group with the mission of championing a vibrant and healthy local food system in Waterloo Region.

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