“Kiss from a Rose” played on the radio this morning while taking my kids to school. “Hey, that’s the Batman song!” came from the back seat. Yeah, the Batman song.

Actually, my Batman. Michael Keaton is my Batman. He is the hero who fought Jack Nicholson, who, by the way, is my Joker. I was in college when the first Michael Keaton Batman movie came out. I was the target audience for the movie, the cast, and the soundtrack. That movie was made for me and I loved it. I loved it so much, I went back for movie after movie. Even when they replaced my Batman with subpar Batmen, I went back. The villains after Jack Nicholson’s Joker each had their own merits…well, except for Arnold Schwarzenaggar. That felt more like he lost a bet.

I went back for the Christian Bale Batman movies and loved them all. His Batman was so different from my Michael Keaton Batman, I could embrace him and his interpretation readily and easily. In fact, the additions of Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman were brilliant for those movies. They gave those movies a sophistication and sleekness the original movies did not even try to develop.

Last year, I bought my ticket the first weekend for the newest iteration of Batman — the Ben Affleck Batman. I was not prepared for an old Batman, which is ironic because Michael Keaton was not a spring chicken in his version. It is appropriate, though. I have aged. Why shouldn’t Batman age with the original target fans of my generation?

For years, I thought the lyrics to “Kiss from a Rose” were “I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grave” instead of “on the gray.” I was wrong. I admit it. So maybe Ben Affleck will become my Batman.

Probably not, though.

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