Being a Gopher

A few friends and me at Gopher football.

Since the nature of our CLA class is very personal/individually based, I felt it was fitting that the first person I interview for my research is… MYSELF! I am always interested in becoming a more self-aware individual, and was excited to complete my survey and to discover my end results. Granted I have only been a college student for less than a semester, so my answers will vary drastically compared to the future results of my siblings. Listed below are how I answered each question.

people you surround yourself with-

  1. Where did you meet your closest friends? My closest friends are those I room with, and those I have met in my four classes here on campus.
  2. What did you do to establish these relationships? To establish these relationships I asked questions about their past, their interests, their goals etc. and have shared my own views.
  3. What did you do to maintain these relationships? To maintain these relationships I feel it is important to spend time with one another; I do this by studying with my friends, going out to eat, working out, and attending sporting events.

organizations/jobs/clubs you are involved in-

4. What were you involved in during your time at college? So far, I am involved in MagClub, and am looking into a variety of other volunteer, advocacy, and club opportunities that will help to to explore my future goals.

5. Why did you decide to get involved in _____? I decided to get involved in MagClub because I am interested in the industry. The club meetings are also very laid back, and give me a chance to hear from actual professionals on how they landed the job they now have, what their day-to-day routines are, and what experience/wisdom they can pass on to me.

6. How do you feel this activity effected your years at college? It gives me a much better idea on what certain type of work I am interested in obtaining after my undergraduate career, and it will also provide me with multiple connections that will be beneficial when finding a job.

what you choose to do in your free time-

7. What did you do during your free time? During my (very limited amount) of free time I find myself watching Friends on Netflix, painting my nails, working out, going out with friends, or coloring stress relieving coloring books.

8. Who did you do this with? If I have free time I generally do a majority of these things alone, because I feel it is a great way to reflect on my day, past week, and goals. In other cases, I will do these activities with friends.

9. Why did you choose this to pass time? Of the listed activities above, more than half of them simply help me to relax and provide a break from all of the hours of studying, writing essays, and attending classes. They are each outlets that help to improve my emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing.

qualities of the town you inhabit-

10. Where did you attend college? The University of Minnesota- Twin Cities.

11. What was the campus culture like? Campus culture at the U is extremely diverse. There are many opportunities that students are encouraged to participate in, and school pride is instilled in students beginning with welcome week actives and continues on throughout one’s career at the University. Overall, the University of Minnesota’s campus is blooming with knowledgable students, professors, and faculty members that create a “family-like” campus feel.

12. What was the size of your campus/city you lived in? There are approximately 32,300 undergraduate students, and the population of Minneapolis is about 400,000.

Stay tuned to learn about my older sibling’s college experiences and views on these topics!