Meet Kelsey

Before I present to you how Kelsey answered my questionnaire on her college experience, I feel it is necessary for you to gain an understanding of the type of person Kelsey is. This step in the process will also help me (and possibly you) to figure out why Kelsey has taken the steps in life that she has. The following is a very brief explanation of Kelsey from a collection of my own observations and point of view. I lived with, and shared a room with Kelsey for 16 years, so I have a very good understanding of the qualities she obtains.

Kelsey is 22-years-old, and is the third oldest in my family (following two brothers). Kelsey has always been described as a free spirit-following her heart with strong passion. I would also describe her as a very stubborn individual; she has strong emotions on what she wishes to accomplish. Kelsey loves her two cats, Oakley and Ronnie, whom she adopted from the humane society. Her passions and interests have continuously been art, refurbishing randomly found antique pieces, and caring for those with disabilities and working with elders.

The following are Kelsey’s responses, in her own words. Enjoy :)

people you surround yourself with-

  1. Where did you meet your closest friends? “Winona! My closest friends are people who I have met through college, different job opportunities, and volunteer experiences.”
  2. What did you do to establish these relationships? “Seeking friendship in college was difficult since there are so many groups of people to choose from. In establishing solid relationships, I chose people who had same goals, morals, and values as I did.”
  3. What did you do to maintain these relationships? “Being receptive in maintaining relationships is huge! Although it’s important to find people who listen, give, and care, it’s more important for you to return the favor. Without the balance, friendships tend to fail.”

organizations/jobs/clubs you are involved in-

4. What were you involved in during your time at college? “Having lots of part-time jobs, I didn’t have much time for parties, academic clubs, or free-time.”

5. Why did you decide to get involved in _____? “I hate being dependent on people for money and favors. Having jobs throughout college gave me the financial freedom that a lot of students struggle with without the help from their parents or loans.”

6. How do you feel this activity effected your years at college? “I think that how often I work put a definite damper on the quality of school-work I completed. My academics could have been a lot better with more time management.”

what you choose to do in your free time-

7. What did you do during your free time? “Going to movies, small shopping trips, and going out to eat with friends were all things I did in my leisure time.”

8. Who did you do this with? “My roommates, classmates, people I did group projects with, and close friends. Throughout college, I didn’t spend much time at home or with high school friends.”

9. Why did you choose this to pass time? “Winona is such a beautiful town! Having outdoor activities to do such as hiking, biking, rollerblading in scenery made staying busy a lot easier.”

qualities of the town you inhabit-

10. Where did you attend college? “Winona State University — later transferring to a community college in the same town, Minnesota State Southeast Technical College.”

11. What was the campus culture like? “At Winona State most students get very involved with campus community events. UPAC is an on-campus organization that puts together different programs throughout the year to keep students entertained and busy while relieving them from school work. Even though the campus holds over 8,000 students, there would be many times that I would see familiar faces around campus. Classroom sizes were small and similar to high school making an intimate class setting. Winona State is most well-known for their nursing program. The campus is female-dominated. The male/female ratio is very lopsided. School at Southeast Tech is similar to high school. The school contains lots of high school drop outs who have received GED’s, parents going back to school, individuals who are completing their generals before transferring to 4-year schools, etc..”

12. What was the size of your campus/city you lived in? “Student enrollment at WSU is 8,109. Southeast Tech has a student enrollment of 2,980. The city of Winona inhabits just under 30,000 people.”

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