My AI Learning Journey

Cory and Michelle Wright
2 min readOct 14, 2023
AI Inspiration. Made with Midjourney.

This spring, as the chatter about ChatGPT grew louder and more persistent, I decided to dive in and see what everyone was talking about. I initiated a few chats and, to be honest, was quite entertained by the rapid and seemingly insightful replies it generated. But then, a nagging thought surfaced. Was this tool genuinely beneficial for someone like me? Or for that matter, anyone else?

The real “aha” moment wasn’t too far off. Delving into CHATGPT, Midjourney, and a few other Generative AI models, I found myself conceptualizing, designing, and coding my debut Indie puzzle game app, ShapeSleuth. The game-changer? Realizing I could prompt these AI models for precise programming steps. By dissecting and adhering to these steps, I managed to navigate the complexities of a substantial project. It felt like I was running with the wind to my back, coding my passion project all on my own during those fleeting moments of free time.

But let’s be clear, the AI realm, vast and intricate, posed its fair share of hurdles. The internet, while a treasure trove of information, was also a maze of gimmicky AI applications. Identifying practical, everyday business use cases amidst this clutter was no small feat.

So, how did I navigate this maze? The compass was Andrew Ng’s “AI For Everyone” course. This, paired with gems like the “AI Breakdown” podcast, became my guiding light. I made it a ritual, carving out an hour daily, immersing myself in AI’s depths, and exploring the latest in the field.

Andrew Ng’s AI For Everyone Coursera Course

All these experiences and learning's have culminated into a dream: Wright AI Consulting. My aspiration? To amass profound knowledge in LLMs and AI, guiding businesses towards the right trajectory. I aim to present them with tangible use cases, nudging them towards becoming AI-First entities. More than anything, I wish to ignite a spark, inspiring individuals to embrace AI, helping them realize its transformative potential.

Disclosure: AI assisted in the writing of this article.