Do Not Condemn Sean Hannity, Do Not Damage the People We’ll Need to Rebuild
Glenn Beck

Glenn, Sean is a source of information. I’ve found him to not be trustworthy and I no longer trust his judgment. He didn’t just nose hold for Trump. He loves the guy. That is why I can still respect Rush. I know he’s done some things for business reasons but he’s never claimed Trump is a conservative. In fact, as a very long time listener of Rush, my impression is that he doesn’t like Trump and hates what is happening to us. Yet, he also knows he has a lot of listeners who love Trump so he dances on the fence.

I appreciate your stands on this issue but you are not perfect either. I’ve disagreed with you on different things at different times. We have to weigh our sources of information and the value they provide. I was already trending away from Hannity before this all happened. He just confirmed my suspicions.

And if my vote stopped Trump, I’d take pride in that fact. Like you I think Trump is a very dangerous threat to our country far beyond four more liberal years. Like you, I do not believe any one group can take responsibility because it’s going to be a landslide.

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