“I Get to Serve vs I Have to Serve”

What a serious thought to mentally process. It’s a behavioral function. This totally determines how you operate on a daily basis. It speaks through a filter of attitude. If I have a disposition of “I Have to Serve”, usually means I will not love what I do. I will take a lot for granted in my life. I will not work as hard as I should. I will not build the type of relationships I could because my attitude of “I Have to Serve” gets in the way and sets off the explosions to the road of success.

Now this behavior can be redeemed by engaging a different perspective about life and all of the privileges it exposes us to just by riding throughout the city observing the homelessness, poverty, and the population of people on the streets without a home. If we simple would pay attention to the number of businesses that are declining, the rate of families defaulting on their homes, the number of cars being repossessed, it would create in us a different posture toward our efforts of serving.

That posture being the one of “I Get to Serve”. It is a honor and a privilege to serve others with the gifts endowed to us by God himself. A mind that captures this understanding needs no alarm clock, motivation, etc. That is enough to last them a lifetime of serving others. To be in a position that is on the winning side should propel us to bring others along with us. Meeting needs is incredible to those of us who understand it’s a privilege and not something to check off on our daily list. I Get to Serve….

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