Natural ways to increase testosterone levels

While numbers can be deceiving — what does 29% increased risk mean exactly? — there is good reason to consider why Hypergh 14X tinkering with one’s endocrine system might be a bad idea. Estrogen treatment for women was once widespread, but the increased risks to their health later became evident and its prescription is now much more rare.

Exercise and diet can increase natural testosterone — without use of steroids, HGH or testosterone patches

The time for testosterone has arrived. More to the point, men are starting to see testosterone as their fountain of youth, the hormone that can increase muscle size, reduce body fat, increase bone density, promote libido — and bring all the psychological benefits that accompany these things.

In fact, declining testosterone levels are associated with a diminution of these functions. And that decline begins in some individuals as early as age 40. Are lower testoeterone levels inevitable? Not nearly to the degree that we think.