Luxury housing dominates in Atlanta, the most unequal US city
Darin Givens

This forced migration of low-income people only make their plight unbearable. The costs of transportation, childcare, food deserts et al, chokes off the low-income people. After this gentrification the city’s objectives will become middle and higher income issues and the poor will be looked upon as a blight to a quiet, safety-minded, better schools area. What’s wrong with that? It’s ideal for raising a family. The low-income have ambitious plans for their live the lives of their children. where are the issues that plague their livelihood? They want what the middle income have and the next level after that, and after that… when the gentrification occurs in great cities the city are greatly divided and the “newcomers” are seen as the problem. Although they bring an increased tax base they also bring a different culture and an age old custom is lost, broken apart. The neighborhood become cold without the night sounds and voices of the old and the young that made the area a neighborhood. A place for people versus the accumulation of “Things” and the paranoia the the possessions bring.

I do not know the answer but I do know gentrification is the beginning of the end of the inner-city culture and politics. Another voice of advocacy for the underprivileged is silenced. A culture is lost, and its replacement could never take its place.

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